All Work and No Play…..

All work and no play makes Ramiro a Dull Boy.

I’ve just come off a week long camping trip where my wife and I loaded up our van and set out for the Appalachian mountains. We backpacked into our campsite under a setting sun with 5 excited kids and made it just in time to set up camp, make dinner and put the kids to sleep in their hammocks. The week continued with trips to various waterfalls, mountain tops, and other exciting adventures.

Standing on top of Grandfather mountain, a certain reality struck me: amidst all the busyness of our life trying to perfect our day to day, we can lose our true selves completing tasks that in the end mean very little. See, it’s the imperfections that make the rock face unique. The cliffs, the jagged ledges, the slopes, all contribute to the identity of each mountain peak. So it’s not perfect, but it is grand; just like our lives can be if we stop trying to smooth out the slopes and appreciate the ledges.

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